art intro


Students will be introduced to the wonderful world of art with basic art techniques, which are the building blocks that will provide a solid foundation for future art lovers and artists. Students will go over age appropriate vocabulary, guided drawings and storytelling through art. They will also explore a variety of artists and materials such as drawing and painting.



This course seeks to introduce students to the concept of analyzing historical issues in African American history and how black Americans worked towards creating their own history in America. Emphasis is placed on the African American experience, the development of African American community institutions, and African American participation in, and impact on, American society and global society.

Math Exercises


Students will participate in classes designed to boost their confidence and skills in math. Assessments are given to identify and address challenges. The student to teacher ratio in classes is very low, allowing opportunities for individualized instruction and attention. Students will also receive homework help and tutoring to ensure they are actively learning and sharpening their skills.

Reading Time


Coming soon!

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